Ziya Mousavi, the brillant bodybuilder

Ziya Mousavi born on on december 10, 1987 Ahvaz, Iran. Is a professional bodybuilder from Iran. He is also Ziya Mousavi of the national jujitsu team of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mousavi started bodybuilding in 2001. He participated in several competitions of the World Bodybuilding Federation and has won various national and international titles. As a teenager, he chose football. Caused him to leave football and set foot on the championship path of bodybuilding. He experienced his first bodybuilding competition in 2016, and after experiencing many defeats, he won the championship several times in various categories.

Ziya Mousavi, who had not been able to appear on the international stage many times before due to lack of visas and sponsors, finally won the gold medal at the 2018 Master Olympia in Tunisia with his first appearance. He also competed in the Chinese Amateur Masters Olympia the same year, winning the gold medal again and receiving an ifbbpro professional card.

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