Miatta, the face behind MiattaWorld and Cooking With Miatta

Miatta World is a place to document all the things that I am passionate about and a way to share daily lifestyle tips with others. The beauty of the internet is that you can connect and engage with people from all over the world. I enjoy sharing my world with other as the adage says, sharing is caring. I want to be able to use my platform as a guide to all things relating to my life. I am multitasking daily, but the fun part is sharing with other how to make it look so easy.
Fashion & Food means tips and recipes from me right into the hands of anyone who ready to learn. Miatta world puts people in the front seat of all my exclusive content. Miatta World is a walk through my lifestyle, cooking, acting and time with my daughter. All of my online content are created for a diverse group of audiences. I worked with many different brands to showcase clothing, food, jewelry, beauty and children fashion.

-What make you unique?
– My work is very versatile. On any given day, I can be a chef, mommy, fashionista, or actor. I work with brands that are diverse and cater to women. I’m a calm, respectful, given, loving, Godfearing and always willing and ready to help others. I value honesty and loyalty. I do not compromise when it comes to dishonesty.

-What keeps you running when times get tough?

-God, family, and passion are what keeps me going. These are my fuel that keeps me running and energizes me as a multitasker.  If I could get a advice early in my career, it would be to remain consistent and keep pushing. It takes a while for things to bloom. I have come to understand that with commitment and passion, things work out in the end. While it is nice to have a large following, I have come to understand that it is much more important to have impact. Consistency brings success. I am grateful for a supportive online community. I keep going because of their support..

-Where do you see yourself and product in couple of years?

-In a couple of years, I intend to expand take Cooking With Miatta into a cooking/catering business. As a food lover with a passion for cooking. I want to keep sharing my meals with people through products and service. I also hope to continue to work with brands that uplift women and value community engagement. My dream is to keep sharing my multifaceted lifestyle with people all over the world. As an African woman, I value family and through hard work, I hope to continue to create an online community of people from all over the world.

Social media profiles & websites 
Facebook: Miatta Johnson page
Instagram: Miattaworld
YouTube: Miatta Borkai/ cookingwithmiatta
TikTok: miattaworld0
Twitter: miattaworld

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