Estefania Armario, between modeling and sports

Estefania started working as a model when she was only 15 years old, and her specialty was the runway model because of her height. She combined her modeling career with her passion for motorsport, working as a grid girl in the Grand Prix of Formula 1 and in MotoGP for the Ducati team. With the last one, she travelled among all circuits around the world putting her gorgeous smile on the paddock.

Estefania has never put aside her studies, even she was a really bussy young woman, and finished her first career as a journalist. Without satisfying her desire of success, she started another second career, also in Barcelona, Marketing and Public Relations.

Journalism has always been her passion, and she started to work as Press Officer for American Racing Team in MotoGP, following all the races and also being on TV reporting some races, doing a complete and amazing work.

In 2020 she decided to move to Japan, and worked as model in Tokyo, reason why she also speaks Japanese. In Tokyo she works a Host of a program for Hermes, the French brand who has the most iconic bag, the Birkin. She loves fashion and luxury brands, also traveling to as many parts of the world as possible.

As that wasn’t enough, she also practices kick boxing and pilates in her free time, and in the weekends she loves watching the baseball games and F1 and Motogp races, that makes her remember her first steps of her career.

Nowdays, Estefania is a model and a TV journalist, and we will be able to see her soon on TV reporting some Formula 1 and MotoGP. She is an ambitious woman, who chase her dreams. Because of that, she is gonna move to USA, more precisely to Miami, to work as Journalist for a Spanish TV Chanel.

Estefania is a gorgeous Spanish model that is, and also a polyglot who speaks more than 5 languages, including Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English, Serbian, Japanese and Chinese.
She is catholic, and Christian so she believe in God, and prays, has faith and believe that anything that you deserve is for you, and its waiting for you, you just have to chace it. She is a spiritual woman, who believe in the Universe as well. “Everyone is energy so, we need to vibe as pure as we can” she says.

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