Vicky in the crosshairs

Vicky, the model of onlyfans, is accused of robbing a 81-year-old man at his home when she seduced him after meeting him on Tinder. The event occurred last Thursday in one of the departments of the exclusive «Quartier» towers.

The victim met the woman through the dating application «Tinder» and they had been talking about her for a couple of weeks via WhatsApp until she decided to invite her to her apartment. The woman arrived around 8:00 p.m., got into the elevator accompanied by the man, as can be seen in the videos.Once inside her, the man prepared dinner for him and they opened a white wine, at which time the «black widow» took the opportunity to put a strong sleeping pill that kept him asleep for twelve hours.

When he woke up, the man found his house in a mess and told security guards to call the police. The escape of the ‘black widow’ was recorded on the building’s security cameras.The suspect left alone at 10:30 p.m., carrying a bag where she hid the money she had stolen, a cell phone, and a set of keys. “Dad was only able to wake up after 8 the next morning, twelve hours after having a drink with this lady who drugged him with some psychoactive drug. Stuttering, he called the guard and they called me.

When I arrived, everything was mixed up. He got up and hurt himself, because dizzy he must have fallen and hit himself,” explained Mathias, the victim’s son. The young man confirmed that the woman stole «all his life savings» from his father, a figure that he did not want to specify but that sources of the investigation indicated that it exceeds $65,000.

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