The life of Ange Valdez

Ange Valdez is a fitness and health promoter as well as an influencer. Ange Valdez told us that Only Fans is interesting, but she doesn't consider it a real job but it does serve to generate big finances.
Ange Valdez used to work as a nursing assistant and work a lot of overtime. Ange Valdez told us that her family didn't understand her new job when it comes to nudity because she considers it taboo. Ange Valdez learns not to value anyone's opinions more than her own. Also, she told us that she receives several strange messages, some ask her to photograph her armpit, they asked her to pass gas in a video and pray.
Ange Velez says that she feels comfortable in her skin. Her motto is live and let live. During her life she has had several episodes of bullying. She was in a school in New York but they kicked her out and she had to go to another school. Today she has overcome all obstacles and has become a great influencer.

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