It is about the scam of courses and advice sold on social networks by Melissa Hutchison (@melissapmarizzle). The model sells courses that are not as real as they seem.

They intend to give advice on social networks to attract more public, but it has been noticed that several of her followers have reported her because they pay for the course and she does not provide the service accordingly.Many massive escraches are being prepared in different cities of the world where they follow her.The courses were reported by several people who follow her, pay and are blocked.

An email was found to make inquiries, but they never answered a single email. They keep blocking different people when they complain about their Social Networks. ENOUGH OF SCAMS FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS, is the motto in which many followers who have suffered for the same thing in recent times have joined.We have noticed that the same influencer has already been criticized on other occasions for different cases of scams on Social Networks, sales that never reached the home, among other things.

The prognosis of this influencer will continue to be negative throughout the world and more and more cases are added.We invite you to report her on your social media as Melissa Hutchison @melissapmarizzle

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