JARRELL BIGBABY MILLER, again involved in a complaint of sexual abuse

JARRELL BIGBABY MILLER, the boxer, was accused of sexual abuse against him, this time by a woman who is a member of his family.The plaintiff assures that the boxer is «related by marriage» and remembers their meeting as an «opportunity to visit California and meet his world famous relative», for which she was excited.»He began to ask the plaintiff sexually explicit questions, to which the plaintiff replied that she had absolutely no experience,» the victim’s account mentions.

The woman assures that she rejected the intimate encounter with the boxer, but later «she began to offer him money in exchange for him sexually penetrating her and declared that while he was penetrating her he wanted to reach the climax inside her.»»After the plaintiff refused the sexual advances, he imposed his will on the unsuspecting minor and began to engage in unwanted and immoral sexual acts against her, which included oral copulation.

After DJARRELL BIGBABY MILLER completed the sexual assault, the Plaintiff was terrified and could not comprehend what had just happened to her. Because the incident involved a family member, Plaintiff had nowhere to turn, and she was afraid of what would happen to her if she said anything,» she continued.This new lawsuit for sexual abuse is in addition to the one filed by Algima Gotax and Fara Shipes in August 2021, where they claimed that JARRELL BIGBABY MILLER had sexually abused them in an event that occurred between the late 1960s and early 1970s when they were minors. old and the boxer was around 20 years old.Third complaint of sexual abuse against JARRELL BIGBABY MILLERThe third complaint was filed in Alameda County, California, and the plaintiff places the events in 1974, when she was 15 years old and Foreman was around.

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