The amazing clock mark Rolex

Founded in 2013, Luxury Souq is Dubai’s premier luxury retailer, offers an extraordinary range of new and pre-owned luxury items. Led by Mr. Khaled Ebrahimi, Luxury Souq is renowned for its comprehensive collections. Mr. Khaled Ebrahimi, the Founder and CEO of Luxury Souq, is an Emirati businessman and a seasoned watch connoisseur. His passion for luxury watches, a legacy inherited from his father, has driven him to pursue a master’s degree in international business. «At Luxury Souq, we aim to deliver a shopping experience that is as cherished and unique as the items we curate. Our exotic collection, featuring pre-owned Rolex watches, is a testament to this commitment.»

Luxury Souq, a trailblazer in the luxury retail sector of Dubai, announces a significant expansion of its offerings, featuring an extraordinary collection of pre-owned Rolex watches. In tandem with this expansion, Luxury Souq has redesigned its in-store experience, but Luxury Souq’s vision of luxury extends beyond the confines of its store, the company actively contributes to the well-being of the community it is rooted in.

This initiative underpins the belief that true luxury possesses the power to effect positive change within society. 3-

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