Roxercat To Release New Single Pearls

Nashville rock band, Roxercat debuts their new single Pearls via 9 Dog Records. The title track from their upcoming EP is out on all major streaming platforms Oct. 14 and offers progressive rock sounds.

Roxercat is a progressive rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee, led by singer Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. Various guest musicians also appear on the recordings. The single and EP were composed and arranged by Price Jones. The six-song EP, «Pearls,» was recorded at Sound Emporium Studios with overdubs at Cat Tracks Studio, co-produced by Price Jones and Grammy®
award-winning engineer and producer Clarke Schleicher.

Roxercat’s sound features the imaginative storytelling and stellar musicianship that is the norm from such a seasoned group of Nashville creatives. The song Pearls is a ballad with a smooth slide guitar that sets a «floating on the lake» mood and speaks of a desire for happiness, belief in each other,
and making dreams come true. The song embodies Price Jones’ worldview as a simple message that no matter the current status of relationships with the people who come and go throughout your life, you can still wish them happiness.

«Life is about surrounding yourself with people that believe in you – and you in them – and always holding on to yourdreams,» says Price.

Price Jones began making music as a young girl

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