Jetdoc make healthcare accessible and affordable for all populations

Thomas «Tommy» Duncan founded Jetdoc in January 2020, driven by a mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all populations through a virtual interface. Connected to an arsenal of at-the-ready licensed medical professionals and pre-negotiated discount rates for prescriptions and in-person care, Jetdoc’s technology empowers users to take control of their healthcare whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Thomas “Tommy” Duncan is the founder and CEO of Jetdoc, Inc., a telehealth conferencing system built to virtually connect patients to their healthcare. He is also the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Mid-Atlantic Health Category Winner. Duncan is on a lifelong mission to ensure everyone has access to instant, affordable, quality healthcare whenever they want and wherever they are.

About Us – Jetdoc

Jetdoc, the fastest growing virtual urgent care and telehealth app, announced their revolutionary service is now available in Georgia, providing immediate and affordable virtual healthcare to millions in the state. With a large Black and Brown community that is often underserved by the broader healthcare system, Georgia residents can now seek expert medical care from board certified healthcare professionals in under five minutes for just $20. Jetdoc, founded by healthcare veteran Tommy Duncan and backed by rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross, as part of their expansion into Georgia and «Give the Gift of Health» campaign, is spending $1M to offer one free doctor visit for EVERY Georgian through the service. No credit card required, or strings attached.

As the pandemic continues to stress the country’s healthcare system and physical doctor visits becoming more inaccessible, Jetdoc uniquely positioned itself to provide consumers with an alternative that can service many of the 97% of urgent care issues immediately, complete with prescription access that brings up to 85% off, no insurance needed. This expansion is the next step in Jetdoc’s national rollout that began in November 2020 as tens of thousands signed up nationwide for Jetdoc in their communities.

«Today brings an important milestone for Jetdoc and more importantly Georgians,» said Tommy Duncan, Founder & CEO of Jetdoc. «We truly believe healthcare is a lifestyle, so we spent the past year breaking down every possible barrier to provide our users immediate access to a diverse network of doctors, dentists, ob-gyns and more. With a free doctor visit – we hope our mission to Give the Gift of Health will be contagious, so we look forward to serving our communities across the state.

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