Zsüd cooperated with Gorillaz/Blur’s producer

Producer-songwriter Zsüd drops her new song about the well-known concept from the corporate world –
glass ceiling. The difference from the previous tracks is not only in genre, but this song was a working
material in a program called ‘Songlab’ organized by the Hungarian Music Export Office, HOTS. Here Zsüd
worked with British producer John Foyle /Gorillaz, Blur/.

‘Spending a day with John was amazing! Not only did I learn a few new tricks, but the way John works
made a huge impact on me. Even though we worked quite fast, the general mood was so light and easy
all along. I have a habit of stressing in these situations and it was very refreshing to experience how easy
this can be.’ – says Zsüd about working with John Foyle.

The debut album ‘REWIRING’ from Zsüd was released a year ago – although that also covered quite a
wide range of genres, ‘Glass Ceiling’ is slightly different from them. It is inspired by personal events, it is a
channel for letting some steam go, and making some boundaries in situations an average woman usually
faces on the labor market.

‘As for the instrumentation, this song has a slight sexy vibe, which is in strong contrast with the main
topic. That represents a dilemma I am interested in nowadays. As a woman in many cases you are forced
to take on masculine skills in order to make progress. However in the long term that leaves a mark, and
the question is whether you can switch back and forth. For me it is a very interesting journey to connect
with my feminin side, not only as a human being, but as a creator as well. I also have to relearn that in
many cases making a decision based on intuition can be just as valid as trusting in logic.’ – says Zsüd
about the song.

You can catch Zsüd live on the 16th of June playing in Budapest, alongside Kozmofobe.

Producer, singer, songwriter.She loves experimenting with cinematic and electronic elements, wandering
not too far from pop genres. She studied classical piano and music theory as a kid, after getting her
Masters degree in engineering she returned back to music from the electronic angle. She studied music
production and sound design, now is co-leader of imPro, Budapest School of Music and Technology. Her
debut album ‘REWIRING’ was released in March 2021.

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