Vlad Laren: «My dream is to build my own business Empire»

My name is Vlad Laren, i am 25 years old, i grew up in America and now live in Miami, Florida. For Many years i have been leading my pages on the internet, as a blogger of my travels and the modern world of Miami, i shoot video clips from Florida, Vip parties in Miami and Miami Beach. I help people find the best accommodation by the ocean, rent the best sports car for a good price, and of course, i help with a pass in love with the celebrity concerts that perfomr in Miami and the best clubs in America! Also, i advise everyone for free and give the bes advice on Florida base on my own experience, i try to help people.

You can contac me for all travell questions and i will not leave you unaswered. Also, my secretary helps me not to miss the letters on the email and answer everyone. During the pandemic, my family and i did charity word helping people, took masks, gloves, food and sanitizers to police stations and hospitals. I love to do good and help, whenever possible, everyone in need on my way. Now i continue to study online for a profession engineering in college and recently opened a trasport business, i signed contracts with the best dealers in America and translate sports cars, business and Vip cars, found people at American auctions and take the sold vintage cars to buyers! I bought big trucks and trailers for transporting cars, hired drivers and now i am developing my business internationally by sending cars by ferry across the ocean to other countries. I love doing my business because i love cars, i also meet wonderful people and travel all over the country. I also continue to add my travels to my blog, Instagram and Facebook pages. Upload my videos to Youtube and i´m going to buy a drone to shoot video clips and i hope these videos will attract even more subscribers to my web pages. In a couple of years, i see my business as very profitable and prosperous. I now rent all my cars. Cars in Miami and i want to add Ferrari, Bentley, Rols Royse and other cars to my garage for a total of about $10 million and continue to rent them to my customers. I hope in the future to open a point in Dubai and rent sports cars and business class cars there. My dream is to build my own business Empire. Also to develop the import and export of vintage classic maste machines.

I am insipired by the love of live, gives me the strengh to build a business, thinking about opportunites to help those in need even more buying construction sets and toys for children in orphanages, and feeding homeless people.

I think any earnings you earn should always be donated 20% to charity. Now i am writing my own book of the experience and advice for those who are going to live in America and build, your future. It is not easy and even very dificult for an emigrant to survive in a new country! Many people live with illusions and then there are strong disappointments and pain

That is why i want to help new emigrants find themselves in a new country, i give the necessary premature advice in my book! I am also grateful to close relatives for the support and advice that helped me find a goal and build a business plan with the motto: Never give up.

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