Doyle Exchange business is all about empowering the people

Doyle Exchange is the company and a person, his name is Doyle English, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (USA). Currently 24 years old changing the world with his ability to teach people how to trade the Forex market. Doyle Exchange is a full-time Forex trader, Youtuber, mentor, who helps thousands of people across the world become self-sufficient traders. He reaches people through his YouTube channel (32k subscribers) and his Instagram page of 12k followers. Recently he created a course this past April of 2021 and have created hundreds of independent day traders in the foreign exchange market. Also Doyle Exchange teaches people how to treat indices such as Nas100, US30, SPX 500, those are not forex pairs but his style of trading works on any instrument. On his YouTube channel he also helps struggling traders with their psychology, he started a series that explain stages traders will experience as they strive to become profitable. Doyle Exchange main goal is to help any individual become a profitable trader and to reach financial freedom all starting from learning how to trade.

Doyle Exchange business is all about empowering the people, finding a different way to improve ones’ finances. He teaches complete beginners and experienced traders how to become profitable through his course and YouTube channel. His story all started May 13, 2019 which is his birthday. He chose to go against what everyone told him was success, which was to go to college, get a degree, and get a good paying job. On his birthday he invested into himself and bought a subscription to iMarketsLive (IML) to learn how to trade. after four months of being with that company, he was still losing hundreds to the Forex market. Discouraged, Doyle left (IML) and started his journey to become a profitable trader. Buying numerous of courses across Instagram, meeting private traders from New York and Texas he finally sat down and came up with a 75% accurate system that he uses to extract money from the market. His road to become profitable was very rough, losing thousands in the market, on the verge of quitting, he finally found his own strategy that fits him. Now he shares his secrets to the world, helping thousands of people quit their job. What led Doyle to become a full-time trader, teacher/mentor is because he had a burning desire to work for himself and to show the world that its different ways to become successful besides going to college, the traditional route.

What makes DoyleExchange unique is his relatability, coming from poverty, not having a lot of resources and now I’m living life on his own terms makes new/experience traders gravitate to his transparent/raw personality. also Doyle Exchange psychology series on YouTube have helped thousands of traders improve their mindset when it comes to trading. His videos are inspiring because he documented his journey on YouTube from beginning to end. Since April Doyle exchange course have produced over $30,000 of profits according to his students, he showcase their results on his Instagram story/highlights. Over 15 of his students have passed the FTMO challenge, which is a prop firm that fun traders between $50,000 and $300,000. His students average around $300-$2000 each possible trading day as he himself average around $1000-$3000 each prosper trading day. Doyle exchange is the definition of coming from nothing, mastering a skillset and helping the world get to that level as well.

What keeps Doyle going is his family, taking care of his mom, and the desire to never go back to a job again. When he was in college, all he ever wanted was to work for himself and to provide for his family. Freedom was the main goal from day one. The advice I wish I received when I first started was: «Your journey will be completely different from the next trader. Trust in yourself, don’t ever over-complicate your strategy and always stay focus even when your surroundings aren’t the best. God will lead you to the right resources, the right path, never question anything.» I didn’t have a lot of support or role models so I had to find motivation with them myself.

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