The fascinating history of Jacey Julienne

Fans know her as Jacey Julienne. “A few years ago I appeared on the official oldrow Instagram. Then I started submitting my photos to other major pages and then I was successfully featured on tfmgirls website and official Instagram page. After several of my photos were published on various pages, my following took off and my audience continued to grow”, said Jacey Julienne. Jacey Julienne always had a love and passion for photography.

“So being in front of a camera and being able to communicate through photos and art was already something very natural for me. I have always strived to make personal connections and friendships with my followers. While most influencers focus on the number of followers they have gained, I focus on differentiating myself by taking the time to reply to direct messages, responding to comments and engaging with each follower,” said Jacey Julienne.

“After growing my Instagram following and building personal relationships with my followers, I created a fans-only page to promote those connections on an even more personal level,” said Jacey Julienne. Jacey Julienne hopes that her project improves day by day. “I hope I can continue to influence people in a positive way through modeling, Instagram and just fans. I can’t wait to see what direction life takes me next,» said Jacey Julienne.

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