The businessman Travers Beynon was accused of by several women

Travers, owner of the CandyShop Mansion, is accused of abusing several women and defrauding them.It is said that the women were hired to provide their sexual services, but Travers did not pay them the money they had previously agreed to.

When the girls arrived at the mansion and asked for the payment in advance, Travers refused and began to violently grab the girls to grope them.Faced with the refusal of the aforementioned women, he locked them in his room, privatizing his freedom.Thanks to the screams of the girls, the maid of the home, realized and released the women.On this occasion, there was no talk of the elderly, but Traver will be criminally denounced and scolded by all social networks.

You can find it on Instagram @candyshopmansion and @traversbeynonofficial

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