Techno Brooklyn: Revolutionizing The Rave Scene In New York

Techno Brooklyn continues to connect with fans through their community-driven platform and has created an actively engaged base of underground music lovers. This crucial relationship has yielded success for Techno Brooklyn as it continues to grow into one of the most influential underground lifestyle brands in the music industry.

The founders of Techno Brooklyn are Austin Hunter & Ryan Provost. Austin and Ryan founded
the company in 2019 and have expanded rapidly into the Brooklyn market by hosting community-based,
inclusive rave style events at unique warehouses and event spaces throughout New York City.
Brad Bedzyk, who handles the artist bookings and relations. Brad has assisted Techno Brooklyn in growing at a fast pace and out-pace the growth of it’s competition.

Techno Brooklyn has also created a merchandise line that has sold thousands of units over the years and
has added to the inclusive, community-oriented atmosphere at the events.

In addition, Techno Brooklyn has launched a record label in 2020 that has featured some of the world’s
top-tier techno artists including, but not limited to; PRØVOST, Teenage Mutants, Marco Bailey, Brennen
Grey, Gary Beck, Tapfeed and more. Our link to our record label releases follows:

Upcoming event with internationally renowned artist Marco Carola. The event is on October 29, 2021 in
Brooklyn, New York. The event ticket link is as follows.

Over the past few decades, New York City nightlife has become the most iconic party scene in the world. With every club that emerges, another club seems to close its doors. New York boasts a population of over eight million people. This pool of party goers creates a massive opportunity for nightlife to flourish. In the city that never sleeps nightlife is found even in the darkest corners. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere and the next big thing can begin in the blink of an eye.

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