Succesful entrepreneur, Sean Frimpong

Sean Frimpong is a young entrepreneur and I have achieved a high level of success
from investing in stocks and other sources of income. I did not come from a rich family. This is his story...

I moved to America at 11 years old, my dad try took take care of 3 children for so many years, so
growing up I always dreamed that one day I could take care of him and I achieved that by the
age of 18 but it wasn’t easy and it did not come overnight the main thing that kept me going was
my drive for financial freedom. I started trading stocks at 17 then began to open my own
businesses at 18 and kept it going from there, since that time I’ve grown over 5 six figure
businesses and now I teach people how to do the exact same thing I made a book titled “the
million dollar mindset” it was on the bestseller charts it’s first week!! I also provide courses and
programs that teach people how to become financially free like me, currently I’m still growing
and I’ve grown over a million followers on TikTok and over 150,000 on instagram, the main thing.
I try to teach is that you don’t have to come from a millionaire family or go to college and get a
job to become successful I have hundreds of students that have reach astronomical heights just
by taking my classes and following the instructions, I love to travel the world and have fun like
regular teenagers too but business always comes first. I have achieved one of the highest
levels of success with my new best selling book. I was very proud to have sold over 5,000
copies the same week.

Social media:
I was featured in buzzfeed but the article got removed

I am an entrepreneur, I started at 17 when I decided I didn’t want to work for the rest of my life
and I wanted to take a different path then the traditional one I chose this path because my end
goal was to help provide for my family and live free, I’m currently living my dream traveling the
work and helping people become successful the same way I did

The fact that im only 20 doing the thing im doing and impacting the community like I have is
what makes me stand I have a best selling book at this age and have made millions from my
businesses and stocks some of my achievements are:
Best selling author
Made millions by 20
5 different streams of income
1 million followers

My family keeps me going, my dad always knew I’d make millions so I had to make not only my
dream but his dream come true also.

I see my brand and myself being a multi million dollar industry it’s been growing VERY rapidly
and is not slowing down.

My best selling book “million dollar mindset”
My high level of success at a young age
My amount of followers I have on social media

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