Melissa Hutchison, a surprising figure

Melissa Hutchison is an AVN, UrbanX, Xcritic and XBiz Hall of Fame winner. She has been in the adult industry for 16 years. "I attend a lot of firms around the world just to be able to interact with them: Mexico, London, Australia and all over the United States," said Melissa Hutchison.

Melissa Hutchison is an MA. "I am a national Coolsculpting and Plasma pen trainer.
I love helping other people feel confident through cosmetic procedures. I have been in the medical field for 8 years. I envision starting my own med-spa as soon as I graduate school," Melissa Hutchison.

Californian sexy Phoenix Marie is a sexual force like no other. In 2006, Phoenix was discovered in a nightclub by a bouncer with porn connections and an incredible eye for talent. Everything I do on camera, I do off camera.

Currently Melissa Hutchison is 41 years old and continues to be a dominant staple in this industry. "I've starred in ER 2000 porn scenes (not including the homemade ones) and swept the hall of fame at every award show.

Melissa Hutchison revealed something unprecedented that happened to her in her life. "Well I lost my only child 3 years ago at 18 1/2, when I say it's the number 1 challenge if any human being can overcome it, he's undefeated in life. I know she's watching over me and helping guide my way, she said.

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