Mary’s Ghost

A.D.4 was formed Feb 2019 in Staten Island, NY, by drummer/producer
John Besser (Warrior Soul, Cities) and longtime studio collaborator, guitarist/
songwriter, Eddie Vitolo. Both diehard fans and students of classic metal acts
like, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, they wanted to form a band that would
capture the sound and attitude of those classic metal bands.
They recruited lead vocalist Hollywood How (ex-Dark Sky Choir) and
John DiGiovanni (Segway) on bass, respectively. With the line-up complete,
A.D.4 is bringing back heavy guitar riffs, thunderous bass, real drums and
soaring vocals.
Their debut single, “Evil Be Done” was released June 22, 2021. A new
single, “To The Stars” to be released July 13, 2021. As well as their self-titled
E.P., which will be released August 18, 2021.
A.D.4 are currently back in the studio working on new songs, and
rehearsing for a short tour, to be announced this fall

There was once a certain excitement,
when you settled in to listen to the music you loved.
The real stuff, not that ghost of a robot’s clone you get these days.
The real stuff.
That old friend you were so glad to know.
The one that was always there when you needed them most.
Classic Metal.
The experience.
The excitement when settling in to listen to the music we love.
Classic Heavy Metal.
The real stuff.

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