Inoxidables new single: «Under the water»

Inoxidables is a group formed by two students named Miguel Ángel San Nicolás and Ángel Mario Alonso in Salamanca at the end of the 90’s. They released a demo that was a success on the Spanish national Radio: Radio 3, and the record company RCA / Virus signed them for the compilation La Única Alternativa. Performances were followed in clubs in Madrid, as well as the publication of “Azul”, their first album, released with a small independent label. Shortly after that, they had to leave  Salamanca and dissolve the band remaining as a cult group for sound lovers halfway between post punk and dream pop.

In 2016, Miguel Ángel once again felt the call of music and began to compose again. In 2018 he called  Angel and they decided to collaborate again and got their old band back.

The result of this resurrection of Inoxidables is called “Alas de plomo “(Wings of Lead), It is an excellent work of fine and delicate pop that follows, more or less, the coordinates that they had left marked in their first stage. A dreamy and elegant sound with traces of post punk (those stellar guitars, yes, so Chameleons) but also reminiscent of  The Church at certain times. Inoxidables shares with them some imaginative and sentimental lyrics at the same time. In this new stage they have Sergio Hernández on bass. After “Alas de plomo”, the next album,  «Alevín de plata alevin de luz» was released (2020) and now  is ready «Pobre y puro» (out in September).

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