Homa Mohammadi in the world of fashion and modeling

Homa Mohammadi is 22 years old and is from Afghanistan but I was born and raised in Iran, Kerman. "I moved from Iran at the age of 11 to Turkey and stayed there for about 4 years and at the end of 2015 I moved to the United States. Currently I am still in school," she said.

Homa Mohammadi spoke about his life. "All my teenage life I have always loved everything related to modeling. I started modeling not with any specific agency, I started modeling on Instagram. After gaining a few followers I started working with different brands like Shein, fashionnova, Rihoas , Official Ego, yesoul fitness, Esnt, yvette sports”, she said.

Homa Mohammadi referred to his passion. "I think my passion and consistency make me stand out within my industry. I am very passionate about my social media and how it influences people. I am very grateful for the platform I have and that is why I upload high quality photos and upload them regularly for my followers and i keep up with my associations with clothing brands online like promoting them and posting pictures of their items my way as i am a young insta mom model and share my daily life with my followers my platform it's unique in its own way and that's why people admire me and follow me. They like my lifestyle and me as a person," she said.

Homa Mohammadi explained what he currently does. "I'm currently in fashion and want to branch out into modeling. I didn't make a lot of money doing social media and associations, but that's not what I did social media for. I love interacting with people and I'm so grateful that people see something in me and spend your time on my profile and interact with me I was into social media in 2015 and gained 33k followers in a very short time doing what I love and posting my life, until someone hacked my Instagram and I couldn't get it back That didn't stop me and he started taking Instagram more seriously and I was able to grow 2 accounts in 3 years or so | 1-@homi1r up to 25k followers and 2-@homiii7 up to 712k.in people.People love my fashion because it's in fashion and they love to see me and my lifestyle and I take it as an achievement and a success I always dreamed of having a platform and being on social media and I finally got what I always dreamed of and I don't want to Give me here," she said.

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