During the early hours of the morning techno clubbers fantasize about a hazy atmosphere with strobing lights, lasers and bass so heavy that you can nearly visualize the sound waves pulsating through the air in front of you. For every dream with an image like this there is typically a passionate team of individuals behind the scenes making it all happen. Production teams, promotional groups, technicians, club staff – but above all, the DJ. Gioh Cecato is a rising-star in the world of techno music and has been making
her imprint on the niche music scene for years.

Gioh has been working closely with specific brands to strengthen her ties to the music communities from city to city. She has released a multitude of techno tracks that can be found here on her Beatport artist profile. While Gioh resides in Miami, Florida and really began her career in the beautiful city of Miami she has been making her way throughout the United States in 2022 and hopes to continue organizing tours throughout the year with her management. From Boston, New York City, Washington D.C. – you name it,
she’s played it. She believes that her passion for the music for so many years has finally created an atmosphere that is yielding results and becoming something that she can not only monetize but she can start to ramp up into something big. Gioh aspires to be a touring artist full-time but she is willing to wait for the right time and in the meantime she is happy to tour occasionally and work on her productions in the studio.

When asked about how she fell in love with the music her answer was decisive. She said that “Nothing else makes me feel the way that the music does and that will never change. It’s become a part of me that is so deeply ingrained in my life that I truly don’t know what I’d do without it. I owe my life to it.” We were astonished to see such intense, ravenous passion within Gioh’s heart. In the end passion and talent is what makes an artist who they are and gives them the ability to build a strong, successful career. It is amazing
to watch such talents aspire to better themselves, to do whatever it takes and to build their music careers no matter what happens. This dedication is what it takes to become the next rising star. Keep your eyes out for Gioh Cecato.

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