Daniel Jakab, a KC10A Instructor Boom Operator

Daniel Jakab is a 25 year old Active Duty member of the United States Air Force. He is an E-5 which is called Staff Sergeant and abbreviated SSgt. He resides in Central New Jersey. For his career he is a KC10A Instructor Boom Operator. Basically what this entails, is teaching in flight refueling and loading/offloading cargo and passengers. When he is not flying his missions he is an avid Bodybuilder who is Sponsored by one of the biggest names in the supplement industry: Apollon Nutriton ©️.

“Danny Swole” is not only his social media username but what he has established as a Public Figure. Danny often uses training videos and motivational speeches online to attract his crowd, and many are engaged. He also does online/personal training. Danny is a huge advocate for Military Suicide Awareness and does events for the cause itself.


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