Booty Maker Miami, personal trainer for everyone

Abel Fernandez has been a personal trainer for more than 7 years and has worked both in large gyms and in private facilities. He has a great passion for seeing improvements in a woman's physique and confidence.

After the pandemic in 2020, his clients were mostly women, which is what slowly started the whole drive to build and enhance the female lower body as well as the buttocks in clientele needs. That's when Bootymaker Miami was born in less than 2 years.

What is Bootymaker Miami?

Bootymaker Miami is a facility designed specifically for the growth of the lower body/buttocks of women with an optimized system that facilitates the best results for each client.

His business is a private gym that is by appointment only. He trains the women day after day in a semi-private setting (groups of 2-3). He started working out in 2011 and was at a crossroads in 2016, whether it was pursuing a career in web design from her college degree or making something happen with his current passion for Health & Beauty.

He couldn't see himself spending hours in front of a computer, so he chose the last. This career came naturally to him because it didn't feel like a job, he enjoyed every part of it.

This industry has a lot of hype, gimmicks, and misleading advertising. What sets him apart is that he sticks to the basics (according to the client's goals) and gets really good at them, learned how to properly engage their muscles, and taught them what results to expect on average with evidence as proof of other customer results you have created.

Since he started his business just 8 months ago, he has consistently accumulated 80-90 customers in person and also 25-35 customers online. 

Who is Abel Fernandez?

Abel Fernandez says that When times get tough, FOCUS 200% MORE than usual on your current clients, get the best possible results and post about your results, your clients are your walking billboards. I see myself in a few years running my own purchased gym with at least 2 trainers under my program.
"I dream of being the number 1 hotspot in Miami for developing the best lower bodies for women through strength training/bodybuilding with a very loyal community," he said.  

Instagram: @abl.bootymaker

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