Mokhat a real investor

Mokhtar “MJ” Jabli is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of The Nightfall Group, a premier luxury rental and travel concierge service based in California. Born and raised in Morocco, MJ’s move to America was transformational. After relocating to California in 2016, MJ struggled to make ends meet. To cover his basic necessities, he rented out his apartment and lived on the streets.

Mokhtar “MJ” Jabli, The Man Behind The $500M Portfolio Of Luxury Rentals

Over time, MJ aggregated a portfolio of real estate and short term rental properties, profiting via rental arbitrage of high-end properties. Since opening The Nightfall Group in 2019, MJ and his team now manage a $300 million+ portfolio of luxurious and exclusive high-end rentals in the world’s prominent and expensive cities. Highly sought for his discretion and expertise, MJ has become a prominent figure in the hospitality and real estate industry.

Mokhtar “MJ” Jabli of The Nightfall Group: I Am Living Proof Of The  American Dream | by Chef Vicky Colas | Authority Magazine | Medium

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