Italian designer Isabella Biscarini creates swimwear with technology built in

Italian-raised designer Isabella Biscarini focuses on creating pieces that allow for a flattering fit and provide a full-body tan.

Isabella Biscarini talked about her beginnings. “I came up with the tan cloth concept in high school and it stayed in the back of my head for 4 years until I finally decided to give it a try. I have always been picky about my bikinis, the styles, the prints and most importantly the fit. So going into this new swimwear concept, I wanted to make sure none of those elements were given up to achieve the tan element. I am now continuing this journey and working to make the perfect bikini tan even better.”

Isabella Biscarini created True Tone and is about making women feel sexy and empowered in their own skin with the advanced technology of a complete tanning experience. The beauty we see in ourselves and in the women around us. It's about trust. She is focused on feeling good. It is designed to empower.

Isabella Biscarini talked about how she promotes her company. “I travel the world full time primarily promoting destinations, swimwear, hotels, apparel and beauty brands. My goal is to inspire, create and live life as the best version of myself and inspire others to fight for the same."

Isabella Biscarini told when she started as an influencer. "I started as a travel influencer in 2014 and traveled every week between my classes in college. After college, I continued to grow my social media platforms and continued to work with brands as a content creator and model."

In 2020 it was an important year for Isabella Biscarini. "Then in 2020 I started working on my own swimwear line, but an innovative "tan" swimwear line. Launched the company in March 2022 and took off with a tik tok video that hit 37 million of views and has been growing continuously ever since.After a couple of months of being in business, I was invited to attend the 2022 New York fashion week to showcase my designs in my own show.Now I continue to expand my line of swimwear and beachwear for men".

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