The twenty-first century has yielded some of the most turbulent times in history, yielding opportunities
unlike any other generation. With the rise of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and non-fungible
tokens has come a major wave of success, for some. Many of us out there ask ourselves just how some
individuals have leveraged these newfound opportunities to create generational wealth in what is
seemingly the largest wealth transfer in history – favoring the younger generations. One notable
entrepreneur in the space, Haim Iyubeznik, who goes by the name of haim on social media, has been
creating tidal waves of movement in the space – marking his territory as one of the next tech
entrepreneurs to watch.

Haim is very in tune with the market and constantly works with hundreds of individuals in the industry to
assist with their growth. The entrepreneur is known for his personal callouts and whitelist giveaways that
are available in his UNDRTD group on the platform Discord. While Haim keeps a relatively low profile on
his day-to-day, he’s been challenged to take a more substantial role in the niche as a leader. With a
substantial Instagram and TikTok following – as well as a large Discord presence – Haim has quite the
reach to his base. This young entrepreneur tackles frequently debated topics within the crypto and NFT
space everyday and regularly displays his successes and failures – in this case, mostly successes. This
transparency Haim has with his followers is what continues to grow his circle of trust and influence within
the space.

The young generation of influential entrepreneurs in the tech space, or more specifically the crypto space,
has been growing rapidly in recent years. Haim is one of many very influential entrepreneurs in the space
and is amongst a handful of highly effective, young leaders who leverage their platforms to provide
access to knowledge that is not readily available in libraries or your standard college databases. With a
hint of sarcasm and humor, Haim’s short reels on his social media pages are packed with an educational
impact for his followers. His community pages regularly engage his fans and followers and his dedication
to the communities that he so lovingly tends to creates a bond between his work and the work of his
peers, predecessors and future colleagues in the industry.

While it is of the utmost importance that entrepreneurs and influencers, like Haim, continue to utilize their
platforms to empower those looking to learn more about the technology or how to create generational
wealth, passive income or simply a standard living within the space, we must also understand that as a
young entrepreneur Haim knows that there is a long and difficult journey to push the space to it’s
boundaries within the current decade. There are turning points that must be conquered and roads less
traveled that must be taken, but the hard work and dedication of Haim, along with his peers, does
wonders for the communities in which he tirelessly labors.

In the future, Haim plans to expand his reach within the NFT and crypto space while building his
communities and constantly learning from his peers. Through strong marketing inclinations and top-tier
connections, Haim simply continues to grow his knowledge base, expand upon his learnings and assist in
the education of his peers through constant contact and social media engagement. There is an extremely
bright future for influential entrepreneurs in the tech space, like Haim, and it’s surely important to take a
step back and smell the roses as a young business person with influence in modern times. Keep your
eyes out for Haim in the present and the future as he continues to build his brands and spread his
passion through the niche.

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