Abraham Lopez make music under the name Barcelon

My name is Abraham Lopez I currently make music under the name Barcelon. I’ve been writing and creating music for about five years now. I was raised in Corona, CA and born in Orange County. My influences range anywhere from Elvis Presley to Boy Pablo. I grew up listening to every type of music, but just fell in love with the Synth/Pop/80’s sound with a little of newer age type Indie Rock. I plan on releasing A single every two months this year, I hope everyone can relate and enjoy my music.

Falling Behind Data: I started writing Falling Behind around November,  2021 and wrote and produced it pretty quickly. It was probably the easiest and most favorite song I have written in a long time. I wanted Falling Behind to be a simple catchy song that anyone and everyone can relate to. Life cant be easy all the time and I know sometimes I feel I am Falling Behind everyone else at times but just know I have to be as positive as I can be.

Social Networks:

                           Instagram Handle: Abecassiesbabe57

                           FaceBook: Abraham Barcelon

                           TikTok: Barcelonmusic

                           Spotify: Barcelon

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